Graphic Design

Designer Brochure

For my designer brochure project, I used Adobe InDesign and applied text formatting skills to create a four page brochure with content on 2016 AIGA Medalist, Ruth Ansel. In this design, I referenced text from a biography by James Gaddy. My decisions on fonts, colors and the layout of information on each page reflect the work of Ansel. She designed magazine covers and spreads for publications such as Harper’s BazaarVanity Fair and Vogue.

Designer Brochure PDF

Font Booklet

For my font booklet project, I used InDesign to create an eight page booklet comparing a traditional font, Didot, to a Google font, Playfair Display. This design explored the classifications of traditional and screen formatted typefaces through paragraph-length text blocks, specimen pages and diagrams of font features. In this design, I referenced text from the book “Typographic Specimens: The Great Typefaces,” by Philip Meggs and Rob Carter, and the website “For the hearts,” by Claus Eggers Sorensen.

Font Booklet PDF


For my monogram project, I used Adobe Illustrator to explore letter combinations using overlapping, intertwining and stacking while maintaining horizontal baselines. Without repeating, rotating or mirroring letters, I rendered a monogram of my initials. This project taught me how to define features of letterforms and counter forms and how to differentiate Transitional, Modern, Humanist Sans, Geometric Sans and Geo-Humanist Sans typefaces.

Monogram PDF

Animal Icon

For my animal icon project, I studied profiles of an Amur Leopard to create an icon. I developed a digital scan of my sketch and re-created the image using Adobe Illustrator. This process taught me how to reduce details into graphic form through shapes, lines, progression and repetition. I was able to interpret visual characteristics of the animal and relationships between figure and ground. The final product consisted of four variations: black and white, two-tone black and 50 percent gray, a three color analogous scheme and a three color complimentary scheme.

Amur Leopard Icon PDF