About Ariana

Ariana Dimitrakis recently graduated Lehigh University with a degree in journalism and a double minor in marketing and graphic design. She is a co-founder of The Fit Magazine, and she has completed marketing internships at Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Lehigh Valley PBS and NPR, and MadeMan Skincare.

She currently works on freelance marketing, editing, social media, and graphic design projects with the goal of producing original, creative content that inspires. For inquiries email arianadimitrakis@gmail.com.

In July 2020, Ariana published her first book, Female-Empowered Fashion, which highlights the ways in which the fashion industry promotes female empowerment. This includes how fashion has been used to promote inclusivity in body image, build supportive and educational programs for girls, and show how young women have broken into the industry and gained success. Learn more about it here.