The Fit Magazine

Ariana co-founded The Fit Magazine, an online publication founded by Lehigh University women to help college students everywhere find their perfect fit to become their best selves. The digital magazine focuses on fashion, beauty, fitness and college lifestyle content.

Ariana’s roles included making executive decisions, developing the creative direction, designing and managing the website on WordPress, hiring and managing staff, co-managing social media and editing articles with primary focus on the outfit section. This included writing headlines and SEO data, budgeting and editing writers’ pieces.

The magazine began as a quarantine passion project and grew immensely in a very short period of time. In the first year, more than 100 staff members were hired, expanding the magazine’s reach to 16 campuses, including internationally. Additionally, the site has accumulated more than 70,000 site views, with one of Ariana’s articles reaching 25,000 views.

Most notably, launching this magazine in May 2020, a time when society reinforced the importance of using people’s voices, taught Ariana and the other founders more than they could have imagined. In addition to their typical content, they use their platform to advocate for change and progress.

For The Fit, Ariana has attended a press conference with Katy Perry and interviewed influencers with over 400k followers.

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