Travel + Leisure Editorial Spread

For my Travel + Leisure Editorial Spread, I chose to focus on Cyprus. This small island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Greece, is where my mother’s side of the family is from. I have spent many summers on this island, spending time with my extended family, speaking the language, admiring the culture and taking in the beautiful sights. It is truly I place I consider my second home.

When designing the cover, I experimented with images, colors, masthead and text placement, and typographies. For the spreads, I experimented with colors, headings, quotes, overlapping images and text placements. Images were sourced from Unsplash and text was sourced from articles online. I learned how to set up a multipage document on InDesign with columns, utilize various layout options in a column formulation, use style sheets in InDesign, and how to convert photos to high resolution through Photoshop. This project demonstrates knowledge of professional typography and formatting practices, as well as proper use of bleeds.

Before reaching the final product, I experimented in multiple variations and drafts. Below is a PDF of my first draft.